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Front-End Development

Python( Data Viz - Data - Science)

Back-End Development

PHP, Mysql, Postgres, Django, Flask, Rest APIs  Node.Js

Android App Development

Native Android Apps, Iconic , Cordova 

Content Management Systems

Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla( School management systems, Ecommerce, News Blogs) 


Static One Page Website

$ 100
  • This is a simple one-page  site for example this Website(My Portfolio)

Android App

$ 700+
  • I also develop Native Android Apps and hybrid (Cordova/Ionic) cross-platform mobile apps

Non static Website

$ 200+
  • A systematic website with variety of functions

Content Management Systems

$ 350+
  • Wordpress, Drupal , Joomla, News Blogs, Ecommerce, School management systems